A Homes For Heroes Experience- Featuring Bryant Cable

Mar 2, 2017

Bryant Cable and his wife Melissa were asked about their experience with Homes For Heroes, from an outside source not employed by the program to reveal their honest impressions, and feedback from their experience purchasing a home in polk county.

“I am a medically retired former Medevac pilot with the US army, I also served a position as a chief officer. My wife is a paramedic with polk county and has been for over 10 years. She’s worked in Georgia and North Carolina, and like any military family, we have moved around a lot. My wife is also expecting a baby, our first child! We were looking for a specific home to meet our needs as a new family, and to settle in with enough space.

I met Dory Joseph (Homes for Heroes Representative in Polk County) at an open house, at a completely different home months before. While getting to know her, she asked me if i knew about the program Homes for Heroes. I learned more about it but I was still reluctant. As most military people, I am wary when people offer things for Veterans, because they aren’t always with good intentions, and I have heard stories of fellow veterans suffering because of this. I can say after buying a home through this program, Homes for Heroes isn’t one of them.  Months before reaching out to Dory, I contacted the VA for my VA loan, they suggested looking into Homes For Heroes, so I eventually connected with her to find out more information.  I wanted to go through my own loaners, however Dory encouraged me and to my surprise, the lenders from Homes for Heroes made it ridiculously easy.

Dory is amazing! When my wife I called her up, we had a house picked out originally. We lost the bid from that house on a Tuesday, and we were so devastated, it was our dream home. That Saturday, Dory took us out to keep looking. The last house we saw that day, it was amazing. She gave us advice on how to go forward. We bought that home, and we are so ecstatic with it. It really made it so much easier than the last house I purchased. It was a dream come true!



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