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Jul 7, 2022

Homes for Heroes Florida | Home Buying Program

As Interest Rates Go Up NOW Is the Time to Take Advantage of This Home Buying Program More Than Ever!

If you have been trying to buy a home in Florida over the last couple of years it has been very difficult. A hot seller’s market meant that buying a resale home was extremely competitive. Often times, even an offer over the asking price was being out bid by even higher offers. However, in the recent months, the Fed has tried to slow down inflation by increasing interest rates. Higher interest rates make buying a home more expensive, but this isn’t necessarily bad. If you have been wanting to buy a home in the Polk County area, now is still a great time. Especially if you can take advantage of Homes for Heroes Hero Rewards!

How Higher Rates Can Actually Help You Buy a House

Yes, higher interest rates will make your mortgage higher for the same house. This can actually be a good thing because it will thin the market of some potential buyers. Higher rates push some people out of the market. This is actually a great benefit for you depending on where you fall in terms of home affordability. Polk County, Florida is a special market right now. This means that even though interest rates are up a little, our average home prices are still very affordable compared to the rest of the country! In fact, according to, the median “sold home price” in Polk County is just $330,000. Compare that to our near neighbors in Tampa, which has a median of $405,000. Even popular Orlando has a median of $365,000.

With the real estate market shifting away from being a seller’s market, this means that you won’t likely be facing huge price increases on potential homes. In other words, as a qualified buyer now, you have less competition in the market, so you won’t be over paying for your house. You will most likely be able to buy a house at, or very near to list, rather than have to throw an extra $20,000-$50,000 on top of your offer.

Even at today’s average FHA 30 year rate of about 4.9%, with 20% down, your mortgage payment would only be around $1,415/month!

Save BIG With This Home Buying Program

We understand that at the end of the day, nobody wants to pay more for things. Even when you look at the bright side of it, it can still be frustrating dealing with higher interest rates. That is why it is more important than ever to take advantage of Homes for Heroes and collect your Hero Reward!


Homes for Heroes recognizes are day-to-day “heroes” and “frontline” workers. This includes:

  • Medical professionals
  • First Responders
  • Fire Service
  • Law Enforcement
  • Teachers
  • Active Duty Military
  • Retired Military
  • Clergy


Homes for Heroes gives back to you by providing you large discounts and cash back when you buy, sell, or refinance a home through the Homes for Heroes network. The average Hero Reward is worth over $2,400 in savings! That can be in the form of discounted loan, appraisal, or Realtor services, or many other real estate related services. Additionally, when you buy a home, your Hero Reward includes a cash back bonus of $700 for every $100,000 that you spend! That means here in Polk County, when you buy a home for the median price of $330,000, you will receive a check back for over $2,000 ON TOP of whatever discounts you get for using the Homes for Heroes affiliate network for other real estate related services!

In this day and age where gas is outrageous, and interest rates are up, every dollar counts. The best part of the Homes for Heroes program is that you don’t need to do anything special to get your Hero Reward. You have already earned it just for being a Hero. It is as simple as filling out the short application so that you can be put in touch with an official Homes for Heroes affiliate who will walk you through the entire process.

DRJ Real Estate is the OFFICIAL Homes for Heroes affiliate in Polk County, Florida. This means that when we help you sell your home, we reduce our commission rate for you. Additionally, it means that we donate a portion of our commission back to the Homes for Heroes program to help support other Heroes with their real estate needs. Of course, our services are ALWAYS free when helping you buy a home. We will help you maximize your Hero Reward from the Homes for Heroes home buying program.

Don’t Let Interest Rates Scare You Off, Call DRJ Real Estate

If you have been considering either selling or buying in Polk County, Florida, now is the time! Call DRJ Real Estate today for a free consultation on the market. If you want to sell your home, we can breakdown how much you can walk away with. Additionally, we can show interested Buyers the many options that you have in the market, connect you with the best lenders, and help put you in the best home. We will also help you understand how much it actually costs to buy.

If you are looking to move into the beautiful Polk County Florida area, or you are looking to sell your house, then CONTACT DRJ REAL ESTATE right now to put us to work for you! We are Polk County’s premier, full service real estate team that specializes in Polk County and Lakeland real estate. 

We are a proud affiliate of Homes for Heroes.

Are you a Hero?? Ask us how we can help save you thousands of dollars as a Buyer or Seller! Collect Your Hero Reward if you are a Firefighter, LEO, Medical Professional, Teacher, Military or Veteran, or Clergy! 

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Homes for Heroes Florida | Home Buying Program

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