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Jun 10, 2022

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Your Home’s Value Probably Won’t Get Any Higher, SELL NOW!!

If you live in Florida, then you are part of what has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the US. Home prices have skyrocketed as Buyers have flocked to our great Sunshine State to buy amazing houses at incredible prices. This has made for an incredible “Seller’s” Market for the last couple of years. A Seller’s Market is essentially when there are more Buyers than there are houses available. This makes buying a home competitive, which drives up home prices.

Many Seller’s in the last year have benefitted greatly from this, seeing their house sell for thousands over asking price, in just days on the market.

The Market is Quickly Changing

As with all good things, they tend to change. And with real estate, these changes can happen pretty quickly. If you own a home in Polk County, Florida, and have been thinking of selling, don’t wait any longer! Most likely we are sitting at the very top of a housing “bubble”, and things change very quick when a bubble pops.

This is actually good news for Buyer’s, looking for relief on home prices and bidding wars. However, if you are planning to sell your home in Florida, you should act sooner rather than later, and take advantage of historical high housing prices.

Our Market Still Has Tremendous Value

What we are seeing right now in the market is a decline in mortgage applications since January of 2022. That means fewer buyers applying for home loans. On the surface, as a Seller, this may seem like a bad thing. However, it is important to realize that there are still many, many buyers looking to move to Florida, as Florida’s home prices are still very affordable compared to many other parts of the country.

For example, according to, the median sale price of a home in Polk County is $322,000. This is the highest it has ever been, and has increased by $27,000 since January this year. Compare that to our neighbors in Tampa, with a median sale price of $389,000, and Orlando, with a $365,000 median sale price, and you start to see the value that Polk County has to offer in this area. The median sale price in the U.S. is over $425,000! That is more than $100,000 than a comparable house in Polk County.

What this means for a Seller is that, while you may not be able to sell your house quite as fast as they were selling last year, and while you may not get multiple offers in at one time, this is still a great time to sell. Polk County, Florida is a highly desirable location that is still affordable even at the top of a housing bubble.

Timing is Everything

This is a great time to sell your Polk County home, not only because the market is still at its peak, but because this is also a very popular time for people to move. Especially for families. Summer time allows families to transition to a new location, settle in, and then have their kids start school in the fall in a new school year.

Polk County offers many highly rated schools, as well as many great job opportunities, especially in the medical field. As a Seller, this means that there are still highly qualified Buyers looking for a great home in Polk County.

How DRJ Can Help You Sell Faster

DRJ Real Estate is considered one of Polk County’s best real estate agency for many reasons. When we list your home, we use or experience and expertise to not only price your house correctly, but to market it properly, in order to sell as fast and for as much money as possible. Additionally, as a Homes for Heroes affiliate, we have a vast network that puts us in touch with qualified heroes looking to buy. That also means that our Seller’s can qualify for Homes for Heroes rewards if they are part of the medical, fire service, law enforcement, military, or educational fields!

Call DRJ Today for a FREE Consultation

Curious what your house might sell for? Or are you wondering what it takes to sell your home? Call DRJ Real Estate today! We are offering FREE 30 minute Seller consultations to get you the information you need! But don’t wait-NOW is the time to sell your home for the most money!

If you are looking to move into the beautiful Polk County Florida area, or you are looking to sell your house, then CONTACT DRJ REAL ESTATE right now to put us to work for you! We are Polk County’s premier, full service real estate team that specializes in Polk County and Lakeland real estate. 

We are a proud affiliate of Homes for Heroes.

Are you a Hero?? Ask us how we can help save you thousands of dollars as a Buyer or Seller! Collect Your Hero Reward if you are a Firefighter, LEO, Medical Professional, Teacher, Military or Veteran, or Clergy! 

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