Homes for Heroes at the Winter Haven Police Deptartment

Jan 24, 2016

Homes for Heroes Florida - Winter Haven Police Department

I was invited by Chief of Winter Haven Police Department Charlie Bird. A wonderful man and a very kind hearted person. I was then referred to the Training Officer Mr. Kenneth Brewer or (Kenny) as everybody called him. I was given 2 days to go there at 5:30am and the same dates to go back at 5:30pm. I was so anxious and excited to go there that I stated to waking up at 2:00am, 3:00am 3:30am and I finally got out of bed at 4:00am. Wow! What a big sacrifice men and woman make every day for our well being. I admire my HEROES and I do what I do (which is give them back 25% of my commission when they buy or sell a house) because they already do so much for us! My gift is just my way to say THANK YOU!

Homes for Heroes is the way I get to do what I love which is to give back to those who serve!

I got up at 4:00am it was super cold that morning and I got a text from my wonderful friend and assistant Danielle Barnett: “Rise and Shine! Ready to go to the Winter Haven Police Department?” We went and got some coffee for the Police Officers an off we went to Winter Haven.  This was my first time speaking at briefing, in front of so many police officers at the same time. I was VERY nervous. But I explained the best I could that I understood the sacrifices that not only them but also their family had to go trough to serve our community. Trough Homes for Heroes we are committed to serve them and recognize their hard work. How do we do that? 1,800 agents nation wide have teamed up to say: “Thank You” and give back from our commissions to help them towards their closing costs. A wonderful Mortgage Broker – the best in Polk County BTW- has graciously committed to give them a free appraisal. This Mortgage Broker is the Mortgage Firm also part of Homes for Heroes family. Who qualifies? Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Military Personnel, Teachers, Nurses, and Clergy. If you are buying or selling a house you qualify for the discount! For more information feel free to go to my website on

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