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Dory Joseph

Broker, DRJ Real Estate

Dory Joseph, originally from Puerto Rico, has called Lakeland her home for 22 years. She is the broker of her own business, DRJ Real Estate, and has been in the real estate business for 18 years. Her background as a dual bachelor’s degree holder in Architectural Design and Accounting allows her to provide her clients with a different perspective as they go through their journey to being homeowners.

Yadira Camacho

Agent, DRJ Real Estate

I was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At the age of 5 my parents decided to move back to Puerto Rico their home. I was raised in Puerto Rico. I later returned to the United States my senior year of High School and graduated. I went to Universidad de Puerto Rico in Humacao, Gateway Community College in Connecticut and finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Florida in Tampa.

I have two creative and loving kids. My first born is Yasiel, he enjoys gaming, spending time with family and friends and coming up with creative ways to annoy his sister whom he loves very much. My second and last is Anais, she loves to sing, make funny voices, and fashion. She is definitely the most outgoing person in the family and loves her brother immensely. Finally, my other half, David! We have been married for sixteen years and will be till death do us part. David enjoys Star Wars, Lego, Marvel, video games, music and more. He means the world to me and encourages and supports all I do no matter what. I am extremely blessed to have the family that I have. I enjoy spending time with my family the most. I also love to create things, gardening, watching foreign movies and skydiving every five years!

Gabi Kelly 

Agent, DRJ Real Estate

 Born and raised in Lakeland and a graduate of Harrison School for the Arts Musical Theatre department, Gabi never dreamed that she would end up with a life in agriculture. Gabi and her husband spend a lot of time outdoors whether they are in their pastures building a fence, admiring their cattle, or spending time together in the woods. Gabi is an avid animal lover and owns six Labrador Retrievers and a horse. Gabi is excited to offer her perspective in the real estate industry because she is well versed in living downtown or living in the country.


Shrunga Bivera

Agent, DRJ Real Estate

Shrunga, who is originally from India, has called Lakeland her home for the past 25 years. She has a background in Business Administration and has been a part of the DRJ Real Estate team since 2019. One of the reasons Shrunga enjoys real estate is because she has a passion for people. She finds it exciting that every client is different and that they each have a unique and important story to tell the world. It is in knowing that she has the privilege of connecting with some amazing people, and that she gets to play a small part in helping them make their dreams a reality, that keeps her in love with what she does. Apart from working on her career, Shrunga’s time consists of serving God, doing life with her husband and parents, growing with her Church family, and keeping up with Netflix.

Danielle Barnett

Agent, DRJ Real Estate

Lakeland and Polk County are great places to live and work, which is why Danielle Barnett chose to call it home. With roots in Live Oak, FL, Danielle came to Lakeland in 2005. Real estate is a passion for Danielle, with her background in the banking industry and her warm, inviting southern hospitality, it is easy to see why so many families in 2019 called her for help buying and selling. Danielle has been working in Real Estate for 5 years, but she is not just passionate about helping families find their next home. She has served alongside her husband leading the youth ministry at their local church for 14 years and loves being a part of other Lakeland community events. When Danielle is not in the office or volunteering at the Dream Center, you will find her doing her most important job at home, enjoying time with her husband and four children.


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