3 Key Real Estate Trends in Home Design Going into 2023

Feb 8, 2023

Real Estate Trends 2023 | DRJ Real Estate

interior design real estate trends-DRJ Real EstateTake Advantage of These Real Estate Trends for Your Home

Are you curious about the key home design trends that will be taking over in 2023? If you’re a realtor or homeowner, looking to sell your home, or just love interior design then this blog post is for you! Keep reading to learn about the top three design trends that will be big next year.

1. The return of bold colors – say goodbye to classic neutrals

It seems interior design trends are giving us all a reason to get excited: bold colors are moving in! If you’ve been feeling like your interior spaces could use an update, now’s the perfect time to consider injecting some new color into your life. Real estate experts agree that the right color can inject additional energy into living and dining spaces. Colors for 2023 are focused on warm, deep, and earthly. Think coffee tinged creams, terracotta tones, and spaces that embrace and welcome. This is a departure from the cool and sterile greys that have provided a touch of modern and elegance to homes for the last couple of years.  Whether you’re living in an apartment or house, the return of bold colors is sure to give your interior decorating game the spark it needs.

2. Functional foyers

Ah, the foyer – truly the starting point of any home. It should be inviting, welcoming, and above all else; functional! When it comes to designing your foyer space, functionality is key. Consider purposeful solutions like multi-level storage solutions to house items like umbrellas, shoes and hats. A bench is a great way to have a place to put shoes on not only when you come in, but also as you are about to step out – lock in your look for the day! Let’s not forget about ample lighting that serves both as an aesthetic bell-ringer and an always helpful safety feature. There you have it – away we go towards our functional dream foyer!

3. A move away from traditional living spaces

Are you ready to do away with traditional living spaces? From work-from-home arrangements to utilizing garage spaces as home offices, people across the world are transitioning from one type of living space to another. Reimagining our lives using what we have in immediate reach can be a really exciting experience. Through creativity and resourcefulness, we can explore different ways to work and live productively in our homes without sacrificing much space. When we open up our minds and invite conversation in about new possibilities – that’s when things really become interesting!

A major shift is away from the “traditional” living room…you know, the one with the fancy furniture that nobody sits on? Real estate trends today feature flowing, open spaces that are in use. That means the “living” room is really for living. That might look like a work from home space, a study corner for the kids, or even a yoga space. Really, the options are limitless, just think function over form!

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Real Estate Trends 2023 | DRJ Real Estate

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