Is This the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home?

Aug 30, 2022

Seller’s Agent Real Estate | Polk County Realtor DRJ

The Market is Quickly Shifting, Maximize Your Return by Selling Now

If you’re thinking about selling your home, now might be the perfect time. The real estate market is shifting away from a strong seller’s market, which means buyers have more leverage in negotiations. Additionally, interest rates are at historic highs, which could lead to decreased home prices. So if you’ve been debating whether or not to sell, now is the time to act!

Work with the Best Seller’s Agent in Polk County

Of course, every situation is different and you should always consult with a real estate professional before making any decisions. DRJ Real Estate is your premier Seller’s Agent because we have the experience and network to help you secure the best deal! if you’re curious about what the current market conditions mean for you, here’s what you need to know.

The real estate market is quickly shifting away from what has been a strong seller’s market. What does that mean? Well, for buyers, it means a little more leverage in the negotiation process. For sellers, it means that RIGHT NOW might be the best time to sell your home. Additionally, as a Seller, you must consider that houses in Polk County have been appreciating at record rates for several years now. That means that your house is likely worth more now than it has ever been before. However, as the market starts to balance out again, Seller’s will have less leverage to demand high prices from potential Buyers.

Interest Rates Are Impacting Home Prices

With interest rates higher than they have been in years, many experts think that home prices will start coming down from historically high levels. For example, a year ago, a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.06%. The average this month (August 2022) is around 5.66%. That is a difference of around $450 on a $300,000 mortgage. $450 is a significant amount to have to budget for.  This is how high interest rates impact home prices: the higher rates means that there are potentially fewer qualified buyers that can afford the higher mortgage. In this example, the same $300,000 house would need to sell for only $225,000 to maintain the same payment at the higher rate!

This doesn’t mean that your house is suddenly worth less money than before. However, it is an indication of the direction the market can go. Rather than continuing to “appreciate”, or increase, your home value is likely to level off, or start to decline a little, in order for the market to balance out. Working with the right real estate agent means that you will be prepared for this shift, and still be able to get top dollar for selling your home.

What is Your Home Worth Right Now?

Selling your home in a buyer’s market can be challenging, but if you work with a experienced real estate agent, they can help you navigate the process and get the best possible price for your home. One of the most common questions we get asked at DRJ Real Estate is “how much is my home worth?”. Well, the real question is actually “how much equity do I have in my home?”, and that is exactly what DRJ Real Estate will help you determine.

Florida Home Owners Have Record Amounts of Equity! Should You Sell?


You see, the difference between those two questions has to do with how much you still owe on your home. If your home sold for $500,000, for example, then that is how much your home is worth. However, if you still owe $400,000, then you have to pay that back. This means you have $100,000 in equity. Equity is what most people really need to understand when selling their home. It is the cash you get as a seller after selling your home and paying for things like closing costs, commissions, and inspections.

If you are curious about your home value, and your potential equity, then CALL DRJ REAL ESTATE today. For a limited time, we are offering potential Sellers a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS that can show you what your house is worth. We can also put together a net equity sheet for you so you understand just what goes into selling a home.

The DRJ Real Estate Advantage

If you’re thinking about selling your home, now is the time to act. The real estate market is shifting and interest rates are high – both of which could lead to decreased home prices. So if you’ve been debating whether or not to sell, now is the time to do it. Work with a real estate agent to get the best possible price for your home.

One major advantage you get when you hire DRJ Real Estate to be your Seller’s Agent is the fact that we are the official Polk County, Florida, Homes for Heroes affiliate. That means we have an entire network of resources that help make buying and selling a home more affordable. This applies to people who work in health care, military, fire service, law enforcement, and education. If you are a Hero, we offer reduced commissions for allowing us to help you sell your home. Additionally, you will have access to discounted services, like inspections.

If you are looking to move into the beautiful Polk County Florida area, or you are looking to sell your house, then CONTACT DRJ REAL ESTATE right now to put us to work for you! We are Polk County’s premier, full service real estate team that specializes in Polk County and Lakeland real estate. 

We are a proud affiliate of Homes for Heroes.

Are you a Hero?? Ask us how we can help save you thousands of dollars as a Buyer or Seller! Collect Your Hero Reward if you are a Firefighter, LEO, Medical Professional, Teacher, Military or Veteran, or Clergy! 

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Seller’s Agent Real Estate | Polk County Realtor DRJ

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