Is This the Single Best Tip for Selling Your Home?

Feb 1, 2022

Real Estate Tips for Sellers | Best Lakeland Realtor

Want to Sell Your Home Fast and For the Most Money? Consider This Insider Real Estate Tip!

If you are selling your home, then you are probably looking for ways to increase the value. Additionally, you probably are looking for ways to sell fast. When it comes to increasing home value and making it an attractive and competitive home in a busy market, it is also important to consider the “return on investment”, or ROI, of any updates or upgrades you make.

For example, we know that a kitchen or bathroom remodel is highly desirable to potential buyers. However, according to Zillow, the average, mid range kitchen remodel costs about $63,000, with an expected ROI of about 60% ($38,000). That is a hefty investment of time AND money that not everyone has.

Are you looking for affordable and effective ways to help your house sell? This next tip might just give you the best “bang for your buck” of anything out there!

Make A Big Impression With a Little Money

If you have a limited budget, or maybe just need a fast and simple way to help your home sell, this is our single best tip we can offer: have your house professionally cleaned!

A complete, deep house cleaning typically runs for less than $300, depending on the size of your house and the mess. However, this minor investment will probably do more for selling your house than most other small investments out there. Or even big investments. Having a fresh, clean, and organized home creates a very strong impression when a potential buyer walks in.

This tip is applicable whether you are still living in the home, if the home is vacant, or if you are staging the home. It is easy, affordable, and quick. A dirty, dusty, cluttered home creates an impression of a home that is poorly maintained, and that will require more work by the buyer. Messy kitchens and bedrooms are distracting to potential buyers. They are focused on the mess instead of imagining themselves living in the home.

Not only does a clean home increase the perceived “value” of your home, it will make it a more attractive option compared to other homes. This can increase the amount of offers your receive and the value of the offers you receive. Additionally, this can help you sell faster.

This may seem like such a simple recommendation, however, many sellers don’t think of it. Especially when the seller is still living in the house. Things like dishes in the sink, an unmade bed, or dusty ledges and shelves all detract from the potential buyer’s experience.

Sell Faster and Sell for More

In a competitive market, it is important to take all the steps possible to make your house the most appealing. A professional cleaning service will go a long ways, for just a small investment. Are you looking for other simple ways to improve your home appeal? Check out our article on HOME STAGING, where you will learn that staging your home can increase the value of offers on your home by up to 20%!

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Real Estate Tips for Sellers | Best Lakeland Realtor

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