Interior Design Trends That Can Improve Your Mood

Nov 27, 2021

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New Report Shows That How You Decorate Your Home Can Influence How You Feel

Even though it may seem “normal” to us now, the way we live has changed a lot since COVID. Specifically, how we live at home. With “stay-at-home” orders and “work-from-home” options, many of us changed the way we use our living space. More than ever, our homes have truly become our sanctuaries.

Online interior design service, Modsy, partnered with social psychologists from UC Berkeley’s Center for the Build Environment to survey more than 1,500 people on how interior home design and décor can impact wellbeing. As your new home specialist in Polk County, DRJ Real Estate is always looking for ways to help our clients make their house a “home”. Here are some of the highlights of that report that we think you will enjoy!

Want to Really “Love” Your Home? Try This Style

The people surveyed who most loved their home identified their design style as “contemporary”. Additionally, this design style was second on the list for people who felt most proud of their home. Contemporary design can be described as up to date, with an emphasis on clean lines, simplicity, sleek and fresh.

Contemporary is different in design than, for example, “glam” and “country”. Glam is associated with the most people who were proud of their homes, and is characterized by high drama design with bold personality. Alternatively, country design is quaint and less trendy. Interestingly, country design was associated with the people who feel least proud of their home, and least likely to say they feel happy in their home.

What is “Good” Design? Design That Makes You Feel Cozy

“Good” design is obviously very subjective. They survey tried to define it by asking people to imagine what their favorite home design is, and what it made them feel like. This is important, because it points out that design is less about a look and more about a feeling that it creates.

The top two responses were “cozy” and “calm”. That is to say, when people imagine the best designed home, the majority said that that home should make them feel cozy and calm, as opposed to other feelings, such as energized, organized, and connected to others. Of course, not everyone puts cozy and calm first. Fans of a contemporary style preferred to feel organized first, followed by calm. Mountain style preferenced people believe that a good design will make you feel happy, while Maximalists prioritize productivity and personalization, however, this was only 10% of respondents.

There is not one right answer, of course. Comfort, happiness, style is all personal. However, this survey is helpful because it puts labels and descriptions to a design style that may suit your personal preferences. It is also not so surprising that cozy and calm were the most common feelings that people want from a home. This is inline with COVID restrictions that kept us at home more than usual. People truly want their home to be the retreat and safe space from the “outside”. Additionally, it also falls inline with the recent fashion trend of “athleisure”. This style prioritizes functional comfort over our traditional work wear, and really supports the work from home movement that does not require slacks and button ups.

How Do I Create a Cozy and Calm Space?

For example, after reading this, you might find yourself identifying with “cozy and calm” as being the general feeling you want from your home. So how do you achieve cozy and calm? Here are some suggestions:

  • Use soft elements where you can
  • Big throw pillows on couches, cushions on dining chairs
  • plush blankets with soft fabrics
  • calming colors, such as shades of blue and grey

Make Your Space Your Own

At the end of the day, you do not have to stay within the confines of any one design “style”. This is more of a helpful guide to people who need some direction on how to create a certain look OR feel. For example, while most people claim “contemporary” as the style that makes them most happy, this style is not traditionally associated with the design elements of “calm” and “cozy”. However, that does not mean that the two can’t be combined. A minimalist, clean lined couch that falls under “contemporary” can easily become very cozy by adding plush, soft throw pillows to it.

Additionally, you can create different feelings in different areas of your house. Perhaps your “work” space will take design elements from maximalism, with a priority on productivity and organization. That can be balanced with your TV room being set up for maximum coziness and calm, while your living room may be modern and minimalist.

One underlying theme that we hear from interior designs is not so much that people need to choose a style and stick with it. Just more that people benefit from designing and decorating with purpose. Try starting off small, like with your bedroom, and decorate it with a particular look or feel in mind. You might be surprised by how much it changes how you feel in there!

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