Why do I work with Homes for Heroes?

Jan 16, 2016

Homes for Heroes is our way to say: “Thank You” to those who serve our community. We help Military Personnel, (active and retired), Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Teachers and Clergy.

I have been working as a Real Estate Agent for 14 years. With a background in Accounting and Architectural Design I always felt that I was where I could do the best job. I was good with numbers, great with design, but I felt that a part of me was missing.

I love to help people! And even though I was “helping people” while helping them find a house I always felt that I could do more for those who I admire and respected in the community.

My dad worked for the government for 37 years. He worked jointly with the Police Department when the officers got hurt and had to investigate everything that they went through and why they got hurt. He always came home with a story and in spite of the fact that a Hero (Police Officer in this case) got hurt he always showed them respect which instilled in me a deep respect for the Police Force.

Over 8 years ago I was searching a way to give back to the community. I helped for a while at the Lakeland Police Department translating for the Department of Crimes Against Children. While it was an honor to help the officers and the children it was more than I could take when I was also asked to translate for not only the victims but also for the accused. I really wanted to help and give back but I could not take it emotionally. Yet my respect for the Police Department grew exponentially.

As a daughter of a nurse I also understand what they go through not only emotionally but also physically. When the opportunity to join Homes for Heroes came along it was a perfect fit for me that fulfilled my deep desire to not only “help people” but to give back in a significant and intentional way to those who serve our community and sacrifice so much every day.

With Homes for Heroes I am able to give back to the Hero 25% of my commission for them to use either on their closing costs if they desire, or even for furniture in their home, “no strings” means no restrictions as to how to use the money, its their choice.  An additional 5% goes to the Homes for Heroes Foundation which helps Wounded Military Veterans with rent, down payment or home expenses. So why not help? I am honored to serve and absolutely excited to work with my team and make this year a wonderful one for many Heroes!


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